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Fifties Advertising: UNIVAC Computer Commercial (5 February 1956) (Ad 2 of 2)

Published 1956

Another curious example of 1950's advertising, in this case a promo for the UNIVAC computer, produced by Remington Rand. This commercial interestingly aired on the CBS Television Network on 5 February 1956, during a light panel show.

Run time 00:00:28
Audio/Visual Sound, Black and White


Reviewer: 2muchtv - - January 31, 2010
Subject: OK, well anyway, here's an actual review
Interesting to see Madison Avenue try to promote computers using the same approach used to sell cars and toothpaste:

"giant, electronic"

"made ONLY by Remington Rand!"

"8,000 checks per hour"

"Careful placement of an ashtray near the right hand of the person reviewing documents in the foreground."

In many ways, effective advertising for computer products still lags way behind effective promotion of other consumer products, even today. The product has evolved but our ability to effectively talk about computers might not have.

In my opinion, mind-numbingly bad management decisions ruined radio, over dependence on computers was just one of many, many, many poor decisions.

The very first bad decision was to not take a moment to understand what made the medium successful in the first place.
Reviewer: cathyftr - - August 11, 2009
Subject: I agree with "Seto" !!! Everything !!!
For almost 20 years I worked in radio, talk about a business that had gone down the tubes..thanks to computers !! Take for example the city of Denver, Colorado. Thanks to computers many disc jockies in that market are really out of VIRGINIA BEACH !!! Ok while it may be "cool" for some joker to be siting at the beach watching the waves, speaking into his computer "..right now its 65 in the Mile High City..traffic in Boulder is slow right now along the turnpike entering Denver"..OK how does that really serve Denver? It doesn't !!

Growing up I can remember many of the local rock & roll djs saying such things like "..I knew Carol Burnett" or " I was offered a role in the movie Saturday Night Fever". Back then the listeners enjoyed it even if many of knoew the dj was bullsh*tting with us. LOL.

Today..if a dj says that, kids would log on and check out IMDB, Wikipedia, You Tube or whatever and if it isn't in there..they will scream LIAR !!! Heck some websites now, if you make a claim, any claim about anything and don't supply a link to back you up..BANNED FOR LIFE...YOU ARE A LIAR !!!

..and I am not even going to begin about the large number of good radio people who had lost their jobs in recent years because stations favor Ryan Seacrest and Delilah !!!

BB King was right !! The Thrill is GONE !!
thanks to computers !!!
Reviewer: cosmicola - - June 15, 2009
I love old ads (especially for something like UNIVAC), but the previous review is worth 4 stars alone. He writes like I do when I've had too much Cherry Coke! :)

But seriously folks, I'm old enough to remember the era when things like laser beams and Project Apollo and UNIVAC were wonders of the far future. A decade later, these advanced machines ended up as set decoration in sci-fi b-movies. Then, a decade after that, they became rusty scrap metal.

I'm still waiting for my anti-gravity boots...
Reviewer: Seto-Kaiba_Is_Stupid - - June 15, 2009
Subject: Tooting My Own Horn - Will It Ever Stop?
I uploaded this commercial, despite massive protests by the NCAAP and GLAAD. While this commercial is hardly offensive, many people born between 1972 and 1982 are now stuck in dead-end jobs fearing every day that they will get fired. The cause of this is computers, and indeed, a very large amount of the jobs people have these days are heavily devoted to computers. But before all this, computers were a friendly and much welcomed addition to a company, and certainly the UNIVAC cut down on needless repetitive work.

Now, to imitate certain reviews: "Sure it's a nice commercial, but look what the product has done to our country!". But this commercial is from BEFORE they knew that computers would largely be used to surf the vast wasteland known as the Internet. Heck, as late as 1996, computers were still being bought to make life easier, as opposed to finding out the sexuality of each castmember of "Twilight".

Nevertheless, this commercial is very cute and charming, as is the computer itseff. Those of a certain age will remember how Yugi Moto was nearly killed by being inside a computer program. The computer featured here would never do something like that.

Needless to say, I really enjoy watching this commercial, even though it doesn't contain any nudity and sex. These commercials provide rare insight into an era before the Microwave oven made popcorn an everyday stack. Either way, sex on the beach is hardly gonna make you Prime Minister of Australia, though it will make you coffee for two.

In the end, we WILL need to leave this planet, since the sun will one day get bigger and devour the inner planets. When this happens, little Orphan Annie will need to stop playing ping pong.

Love, and regards, Matthew Paul Argall, a guy who has never EVER played skinny-dipping with Mr Potato Head.

"It's Over 9000!!"